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A quick message from Paulo Cifuentes

  • Did you know that there are 85,000-95,000 domain names that expire every single day? 
  • For whatever reasons, people let them expire and they become available for anyone to grab them for a standard registration fee ($12). And did you also know that many of these domain names are extremely valuable in the right hands? People literally make a great living by snapping up these domains and then flipping them for huge profits. Now, of course you need to know what to look for and also how to filter through all of the thousands of domains without it taking you hours or days of work. So on this page, I'm going to share with you the types of domains you should look for and also how to flip them for great profit. There's no big learning curve or even expensive software to buy. In fact, I'll show you where to get 100% FREE software that you can use to find these golden domain names. That sound good? Great! As thousands of domains are dropping right now, let's not waste any time and get started. Introducing...

"Domain Cash Sniper" Video Training Course

The course shows how to Snipe (digital) Assets for Profit. There are 3 different methods that show how to snipe $12 domain names and then flip them fast for great profits. You can literally buy a $12 domain TODAY and flip it fast for $100, $200 or even thousands. Use just one method on it's own or all 3 of them to really maximize your profits. The choice is yours :-) Here's a brief look at each method:

Method #1 - The Fast V....-A.... Flip

This method is super quick and you can be profiting TODAY.  

There are 4 videos in total that show you: 

  • Video 1 - Where To Find Thousands Of These Domains. The EXACT site where you can find domains dropping today that you can snipe for $12  
  • Video 2 - What Specifically You Need To Look For. How to spot the valuable ones and ignore the worthless ones  
  • Video 3 - How To Instantly Add Value To Them. How to turn the domain into an asset someone could buy today  
  • Video 4 - Where And How To Sell Them. The EXACT site where you can find buyers for your domains

Method #2 - B.... A..... Domain Flips

This method shows how to snipe hugely valuable domains for just $12 and list them on sites that sell them for thousands.  

There are 3 videos in total that show you:  

  • Video 1 - Which Domains Will Work. The exact things you should be looking for. 
  • Video 2 - Where To Download 100% FREE Software. To help you to pick out the winners and ignore the rest.
  • Video 3 - The Site(s) To List Them On. Use these sites and list your domains for FREE

Method #3 - L.... B.. Flips

This method shows how to register a domain name and sell it for $197-$497 to people who are DESPERATE for them.  

There are 4 videos in total that show you:  

  • Video 1 - Why The Domains Need These TWO Things. With them, you have an instant asset that's in demand.
  • Video 2 - Use The FREE Software With THIS List. You get a list to use within the software that searches specifcally for these types of domains  
  • Video 3 - How To Increase The Value Even Further. Do THIS to the domains and you'll have people DESPERATE to buy  
  • Video 4 - Where To Find Them. Exactly how to find a buyer for your domain including the exact script to use  

And there are also LOTS of other golden nuggets shared within the video training too!

"Paulo's over the shoulder training, is no fluff and very easy to follow. Each video is accompanied by a short written checklist and links to all of the tools and resources you need for each method. The tools you need for the 3 method are all free to use.  

I was able to complete the training and implement 2 of the methods shown, in less than 4 hours. It really could not be easier to get started and it will not cost you very much to do so.  

All-in-all great training that shows you 3 ways to quickly get started with flipping websites."

Julie Marsh London, United Kingdom

You Can Literally Get Started Today

In method #1, it shows how you find valuable domains that will be available within 24-48 hours. These can be bought for $12 and listed for sale the very same day. So you can genuinely be making money fast, if you implement exactly what is detailed in the training.

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